Design Consulting
PDP uses its expertise gained from years of experience building and running molds to ensure your product will be as close to perfect the first time parts are tested.  The PDP Team evaluates each project with a knowledgeable eye for the details.  This enables the “Rapid Response Cycle” to meet your timeline and budget.  We take pride in helping the customer maximize their opportunity for return on investment.
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Rapid Injection Molds and Molding
The “Rapid Response Cycle” utilizes the latest CAD software, CNC Machining, and Injection Molding equipment and techniques.  We blend technology with old world know how to meet the challenging custom specifications of your product needs.  High quality Aluminum molds are used to expedite the development time, reduce the cost and allow for modifications in a timely manner.  This approach helps to confirm specifications before investing in costly production tooling.
Parts for Testing
When you need real parts made of real materials that are going to be used in production, PDP can help.  With our molds and your material specifications we can sample various materials so you can run your tests knowing the parts are as close to the final production parts as possible.  Helping you make your material and part specification decisions quickly and economically.
Bridge Tooling & Production Support
We can provide the need parts for pilot runs, pre-production, or ongoing short run quantities of production parts, PDP is here for you.  We are a lean company, setup to make quick turnarounds, emergency shipments of parts, and do on a regular basis.
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